Sod Installation in Buckeye, AZ

Professional lawn care services in Buckeye, AZ  serving residential and commercial clients.

Residential and Commercial Sod Installation Buckeye AZ

Are you looking to transform your garden or perhaps you have a tired or dead patch in your lawn that needs rejuvenating? Well, our high-quality sod could be the answer.

Your lawn takes up a large part of your yard both front and back, and with a corner plot considerably more. How your lawn looks plays a major part in the overall curb appeal of your home or business and is the first thing your neighbors, family, friends, visitors and clients see.

Having healthy grass not only looks good, but it makes caring for your grass a lot easier.

Our team of dedicated sod installation professionals are here to help with your grass issues. We offer a delivery only service for those wanting to lay their own turf and a full installation service for those not wishing to self-install.

We offer our services to residents and business owners.

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Benefits of Installing Sod

Site Preparation

To ensure you get the best result, our experts follow a protocol that ensures the ground is prepared prior to the sod installation.

  1. Lawn or landscape removal: we’ll remove old turf along with any other debris and clear the installation area
  2. Grade work: if there’s a slope we’ll perform any corrections necessary
  3. Top soil: we’ll install a layer of top soil for areas of new construction or for areas where the existing soil is not adequate for turf growth
  4. Soil conditioning: we’ll either till, Harley rake or cultivate the area using heavy equipment, this combines the old and new soil
  5. Final grading: where necessary adjustments such as light raking or the removal of large dirt clods from the soil’s surface occur

Sod installation

  1. Delivery: we deliver fresh cut sod to your residence or business location
  2. Install: using a staggered layout, we carefully lay the sod rolls to ensure there are no gaps between the rolls
  3. Cuts: we carefully cut around any flower borders, pathways, driveways and other objects or statues to ensure a seamless, perfect fit
  4. Clean up: having completed the installation we’ll ensure the removal of cut rolls, debris, soil and the sod pallets
  5. Watering: we’ll answer your questions and explain the important watering necessary to ensure your new lawn remains healthy and lush.

Call (602) 600-6498  OR send us a message to discuss our sod installation and delivery service, we’re always happy to help.

With our help, you too can have a beautiful lush green lawn.

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