Lawn Dethatching in Buckeye, AZ

Professional lawn dethatching services in Buckeye, AZ  to residential and commercial clients.

Commercial and Residential Lawn Dethatching Buckeye, AZ

Maintaining a beautiful lush green lawn takes time and commitment and isn’t just a matter of regular grass cutting. Alongside regular cuts there’s other maintenance and ongoing treatments essential to keeping your lawn healthy.

Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable lawn care experts are here to ensure our clients have the best grass possible through a programme of lawn care, regular grass cutting and maintenance which can include dethatching.

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What is dethatching?

Over time, a layer of dead grass and other debris often builds up on top of your turf called thatch. If there’s been a heavy snowpack over winter this can often cause a buildup of thatch. 

Why is Dethatching Necessary?

Your grass needs light and air for maximum growth and health, so dethatching, also called power raking, removes this layer of debris in time for spring growth giving you healthier turf.

When’s The Best Time to Dethatch my Lawn?

Early spring is the ideal time for dethatching, we’d recommend you combine our spring clean up alongside the dethatching so your garden is ready for the warmer months ahead.

What Else do you Recommend This Time of Year?

After the lawn dethatching it’s recommended that you have a core aeration, this enables essential nutrients and water to get to the roots giving you a healthier lawn. You might also want to consider an application of fertilizer after the dethatching. 


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