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Residential and Commercial Landscape Lighting in Buckeye, AZ

We all know that the right lighting can set the mood indoors, but what about outside? Over the years our outdoor spaces have grown and our use of them has expanded too, with more and more of us now spending a considerable amount of time enjoying the garden.

The growing trend towards outside kitchens, fire pits, and even garden bars means we’re using our gardens not just in the day but at night too. And the right lighting can really transform your garden into a special place to entertain and relax. From simple rope lights to specialist accent lighting to hi-light special features, we can help.

Our team of dedicated garden lighting experts can create just the mood and atmosphere you want, whether that’s lighting on your deck, around your pool area or work lighting around your outdoor kitchen and eating space. Let us enhance your outdoor space with wonderful lighting design especially for you.

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Our gardens and outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming one of our favorite places to entertain whether that’s friends or family, neighbors or a group event like a book club. Nothing beats sitting outside and sharing a glass of wine among friends or throwing a steak on the barbecue. Good lighting can enhance your space and make it more usable, allowing you to spend more time outside once it’s dark.

Lighting can help to define the different areas of your garden and show a pathway or illuminate the steps ensuring you, your family and guests remain safe.

Underwater lighting can transform a boring pond into a wonder with different colors and styles illuminating both inside and outside creating a wonderful water feature.

Types of Lighting

There is a wide range of different lights available to focus light, illuminate pathways, light up your kitchen or deter intruders. Talk to our landscaping experts and they’ll help design the perfect lighting set up just for you. Really make the most of your outdoor space with beautiful lighting.

  • Up or accent lights: have a spike on the bottom enabling you to position them in a multitude of positions around the garden. Ideal for accenting statues or plants. These inexpensive lights are also useful to show pathways.. Available in a range of sizes, designs and color finishes to suit every garden design from traditional to contemporary.
  • Step lights: as their name suggests, these show steps or stairs in your outdoor space. Fixed either to a wall or wooden posts, they are available in a range of styles, shapes and sizes and are a great safety feature.
  • Path or spread lights: are available in a huge range of designs from contemporary to classic clam shell styles. Not only useful for pathways, they also look attractive in beds and borders to hi-light plants or other features.
  • Bollards: are lights protruding from the ground and either have the light at the top of the bollard or hanging from it much like an old-fashioned street lamp. These are ideal for showing pathways and are available in a range of designs, heights and colors.
  • In-ground or well lights: as their name suggests, are embedded within the ground. Again, these are useful for lighting pathways. Some in-ground lights are directional allowing you to hi-light plants or other features in your garden.
  • Deck lights: much like in-ground lights but sunk within the decking floor or edges and are ideal to mark the beginning of a raised decked area or deck steps.
  • Underwater lights: allow you to hi-light your pond or other water features with beautiful lights.
  • Lamps: much like a work lamp indoors, these small lights are ideally positioned by your grill enabling you to monitor your steaks or burgers.
  • Lanterns: can add a beautiful touch above your front door or garage, pool house or other outdoor structures. They often use lantern style lamps as security lighting. And are available in a wide selection of colors, sizes and designs to suit from very traditional to contemporary homes and gardens.
  • Wall lights: over doorways or steps or used to hi-light plants or features within your garden they are usually multi-positionable and come in a range of sizes and styles.
  • Hanging or pendant lights: much as you would inside your home, pendant lights work well hung over dining areas or to focus more light over the food prep area. They look beautiful when strung from a gazebo for example and add a stylish touch to any garden.
  • Security lights: are used to deter intruders onto your property and can be positioned at gates, over doors and garages and around your grounds.
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Electrical Considerations

If you are thinking about getting outdoor lighting, one of the main considerations is whether your current electrical supply will be sufficient to add additional lighting. But don’t worry, after performing a survey, our dedicated electricians will explain what’s needed, and any associated costs.

Our team is always happy to discuss and help design new garden lighting, there’s a wealth of choice from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Hi-light your garden and enjoy your outdoor space with beautifully designed outdoor lighting.

No matter how large or small your garden, good lighting will elevate it to the next level, providing light for eating, security and practical reasons such as indicating steps.

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