Lawn Aeration in Buckeye, AZ

Professional core lawn aeration and overseeding services in Buckeye, AZ  to residential and commercial clients.

Core Aeration Buckeye, AZ

Over time your turf can become extremely compact. This often occurs after an event is hosted on the lawn, from kids playing, sports fields and even weekly mowing. During this process, a thick and dense layer of thatch (dead grass stems and roots) will take over at the surface of the grass, and your lawn can be starved of oxygen and water that is needed down beneath at the roots. Core aeration is a method of mechanically creating holes into the turf to allow moisture, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil. This process will deposit the core plugs onto the surface of your lawn, which breaks down over the course of one to three weeks with proper watering. As the plugs break down they provide great nutrition for the existing soil along with increasing the strength of the turf’s roots beneath the surface.

We offer full service lawn aeration to residential and commercial customers throughout Buckeye, AZ and surrounding communities. Our crews use speciality, commercial grade aerators that provide precision soil plugging. Request a quote or call us at (602) 600-6498 to schedule your aeration services.

Benefits To Aerating Your Buckeye, AZ Lawn

Increasing the flow of oxygen to the soil through the process of aeration improves soil composition and maximizes turf grass rooting. Equally as important – it makes the lawn less susceptible to damage from weeds, drought, insects and disease over the long term.

Overseeding and Lawn Seeding in Buckeye, AZ

Lawn seeding and aerating go hand-in-hand to create a lush green lawn at your Buckeye, AZ property. Immediately following a lawn aeration service is the best time to apply grass seed is when there are holes in the turf from aeration. Not only does the hole create the perfect area for the seed to sprout, the soil plugs on the surface work as a top coat for the seed as the soil core breaks down which helps establish the growth for the new grass seed. Aeration and overseeding services yield the best results when performed in spring and/or late summer into fall.

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